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Flying Sites & Clubs in Japan
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areamap2 Hokkaido tohoku shinetsu kanto hokuriku tokai kinki chugoku shikoku kyushu okinawa

HOKKAIDO Region Hokkaido
TOHOKU Region Aomori Pref
Iwate Pref
Miyagi Pref
Akita Pref
Yamagata Pref
Fukushima Pref
KANTO Region Saitama Pref
Chiba Pref
Tokyo Metropolis
Kanagawa Pref
Gunma Pref
Yamanashi Pref
Ibaraki Pref
Tochigi Pref
Niigata Pref
Nagano Pref
Gifu Pref
Shizuoka Pref
Aichi Pref
Mie Pref
Toyama Pref
Ishikawa Pref
Fukui Pref
KINKI Region Wakayama Pref
Shiga Pref
Kyoto Pref
Osaka Pre
Hyogo Pref
Nara Pref
Hyogo Pref
CHUGOKU Region Tottori Pref
Shimane Pref
Okayama Pref
Hiroshima Pref
Yamaguchi Pref
SHIKOKU Region Tokushima Pref
Kagawa Pref
Ehime Pref
Kochi Pref
KYUSHU Region Fukuoka Pref
Saga Pref
Nagasaki Pref
Kumamoto Pref
Oita Pref
Miyazaki Pref
Kagoshima Pref
OKINAWA Region Okinawa Pref
  • Site information sorted into the listing of prefectures (47) above is for your information and guidance.
    Data and comments contained in the informtation of each site are collected from questionaires filled out and submitted to us by schools, clubs or parties representing the respective sites.
  • For additional information and confirmation, please contact the respective site by email, fax or mail.
  • Flying sites are maintained and managed by schools, local clubs or individuals. Visiting pilots are required to have a pilot certificate, i.e. JHF-P or IPPI SafePro Delta/Para Stage 4 or greater and follow local flying site rules. In general, JHF-NP or IPPI SafePro Delta/Para Stage 3 will be accepted if accompanied by an instructor.
  • JHF (Japan Hang & Paragliding Federation) requires pilots of hang glider and paraglider in Japan to become a member of JHF, JHF Flyer Member, by which they will be provided third party liability insurance coverage.
  • Pilots are recommended to take out JHF group insurance policy which covers pilot's medical and resucue expenses resulting from accidental injury.
  • For information about geography of regions and getting around in Japan, we would suggest you to visit websites such as;
    Japan National Tourism Organization
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