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JHF Flyer Third Party Liability Insurance
JHF has contract with Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. of third party liability insurance to cover legal liability for damages and legal costs arising out of third party loss, bodily injury or property damage, in connection with the activities handling or using hang glider (except powered hang glider) or paraglider in Japan within the period of JHF Flyer membership term.
As soon as you are registered as JHF Flyer Member, you would automatically be covered by this insurance.
Damages and costs to your own are not covered.

JHF Flyer Membership Fee:
 JY7,000 for one year (12 months)
 JY21,000 for three years (36 months)

Limits of Liability:
 JY100,000,000 any one event, subject to deductible JY30,000 each and every loss

Principal Exclusions:
 Deliverated Acts
 Damage to own property or property in your custoday or control
 Damage caused to your relatives living together
 Damage caused due to negligence of duty on business
 Damage caused by war, riot, natural disaster such as earthquake and eruption

Incident Notifiction:
 All incidents that may give rise to a claim must be reported immediately to JHF Office. You are requested to notify the following information:
  1. Your Flyer Number, address, name, telephone number
  2. Date, time, place of accident
  3. a brief description of the circumstance of accident
  4. a brief description of injury and damage caused
  5. Name and address of a person to whom damage is caused

JHF Group Insurance Coverage
JHF has the group insurance contracted which is prepared for JHF Flyer Members' need for their own accidental injury (except of hang gliding). Every current JHF Flyer Member can join this contract. For further information, please contact the following underwriter, or JHF office.

 Tokai Nichido Partners TOKIO Ikebukuro Branch
 30th fl., Sunshine 60 Bldg., 3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
 TEL: 03-6907-4622
 FAX: 03-6907-4623
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