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■JHF Flyer Member

JHF consists of JHF Flyer Members, 47 chapters which represent registered hang glider and paraglider pilots living in each of 47 prefectures, and supporting members.
Flyer members are individual pilots of hang glider or paraglider who have Pilot Proficiency Rating certified by JHF.
When you apply for JHF Pilot Proficiency Rating after going through training at JHF registered school, JHF requires you to join JHF and become a Flyer Member and keep the rules mentioned below.
JHF is authorized by Japan Aeronautic Association, NAC (national airsport control designated by FAI), to promote and regulate sports of hang gliding and paragliding in Japan and provide standard of pilot proficiency rating program.

  1. I will fly on my own initiative and responsibility.
  2. I will keep myself physically and mentally fit to fly.
  3. I will follow applicable rules and regulations and keep other people out of trouble.
  4. I will respect and take care of nature.

■JHF Flyer Membership

Flyer membership application form is available at JHF registered schools or JHF office. As soon as membership fee is paid to JHF account at Japan Post Bank, your membership becomes effective and you would be automatically covered by third party liability insurance. Unpon confirmation of membership fee received, JHF office will send you Flyer Member Card and JHF Report (in Japanese), periodical newsletter, to you.
In order to get your valid membership ready for your flying, you are recommended to contact us at leaset two weeks prior to your visit to flying site.

Flyer Membership Fee
  • JY7,000 for 1 year (12 months)
JHF Office
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