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All pilots who want to fly at flying sites in Japan are required to have Pilot Proficiency certifacate.
JHF, representing Japan in CIVL (FAI Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commision), has hang gliding and paragliding pilot proficiency rating programs and is authorized by Japan Aeronautic Association, NAC of Japan, to issue pilot rating for hang glider and paraglider pilots in Japan. All pilots applying for rating must be current JHF Flyer Members.

■Class A
Class A student level pilot has knowledge and basic skills to use hangglider or paraglider and its equipments and be able to have smooth straight flight towards pre-selected target with instructor supervision.
■Class B
Class B student level pilot has knowledge and skills necessary to fly and make 180° turns and landing at pre-selected target under instructor supervision.
■Novice Pilot
Novice Pilot has knowledge and skills necessary to fly by soaring in mild thermal and make 360° turns and landing at designated target.
Pilot has knowledge and skills necessary to keep flying by soaring in thermals and be able to confirm sites and conditions fit to pilot's skill level by himself/herself.
■Cross Country Pilot
Cross Country Pilot has knowledge and skills to secure competency and reliability necessary to make cross country flight and always confirms discipline of air traffic rules.
■Tandem Pilot
■Power-assisted Paraglider Pilot
■Assistant Instructor
■Motor Paraglider Pilot
■Motor Paraglider Instructor

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