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■Flying Hang Glider and Paraglider in Japan

JHF (Japan Hang and Paragliding Federation) welcomes visiting foreign pilots who have qualified level of pilot rating to fly hang glider or paraglider without supervision of an instructor.

Here are a few things, however, you need to be aware of before you'd decide to come to Japan to fly.

1. Visiting pilots are required to take out JHF Flyer Membership and make a pledge to keep the Rules of JHF Flyer Member. JHF Flyer Membership provides you 3rd party liability insurance cover.

  1. I will fly on my own initiative and responsibility.
  2. I will keep myself physically and mentally fit to fly.
  3. I will follow applicable rules and regulations and keep other people out of trouble.
  4. I will respect and take care of nature.
  → JHF Flyer Member

2. Flying sites of more than 170 are taken care by JHF registered schools or independent clubs. Once you have decided which region of Japan to visit, please check out Flying Sites and Clubs in Japan and JHF Registered Schools and make contact with respective school or club. They will be happy to give you an orientation regarding the site, local rules and application for JHF Flyer membership.

3. Visiting pilots must carry IPPI card certifying pilot's rating of stage 4 of SafePro Delta or SafePro Para for unsupervised flying and stage 5 for cross country flying.

4.In Japan, people are only allowed to fly hang glider or paraglider at flying sites which are managed and maintained by school or club.

Flying from 8th station and above of Mt. Fuji is prohibited. You are required to get permission in advacne from SENGEN SHRINE (Fujisan Hongu Sengentaisha), the owner of 8th station and above of Mt.Fuji, if you still want to try it.
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