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Site or Club Name HG PG MPG
Kojinyama Flight Area    
Kyoto Hang Gliding Club  
Ibukiyama Flight Area    
  • PG=paraglider  HG=hang glider  MPG=motor paraglider  JR=Japan Railway

 Site Name Kojinyama Flight Area
 Location Kojinyama, Hikone City, Shiga Prefecture
 Type Hang Glider
 Direction 15 minutes by car from JR Inae Station. 30 minutes by car fro Hikone IC of Meishin Exressway.
At JR Inae Station
When Contacct us
 Flying Season Year-round
Name Kyoto Air Sports
Address 76-4 Otsuka-Nomizo-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL 075-593-7979
Email kyotoairsports@gmail.com
URL https://www.kyotoairsports.com/
Entry Fee  
Membship Fee JY15,000/year
 Visiting Pilot
Visitor Rating JHF-P (JHF-B/NP accompanied by instructor)
Visitor Fee JY3,000
Name Kojinyama Hang Glider TO gppg;emap
Terrain NW@20 gliders for setup@30 degree platform
Height 160m
LD-TO Access 20 minutes by car
Name Kojinyama Hang Glider LD googlemap
Size 30000m2
Vertical Distance from TO 0.5km
Recommended Approach 8 figure or aircraft type landing approach
Terrain Plain field
Site Comment There are Dog park, solar panels, beer brewery around.
 Others Gate key of the TO is kept by Kyoto Air Sports. Those who resume hang gliding after a long interval or who is not sure about his/her confidence of flight skill are requested to receive training by our towing program. Pilots visiting for the first time must receive briefing about the area. Crescent shape terrain brings condition allowing 600m altitude gain by wind from Biwa Lake and you'd be able to make out/return of the lake and have a nice view of Hikone Castle, one of National treasures.
 Last updated 2022/3/14
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 Club Name Kyoto Hang Gliding Club
 Name Yamada Masayoshi
Address 76-4 Otsuka-Nomizo-cho, Yamashina-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
Email kyotoairsports@gmail.com
URL https://www.kyotoairsports.com/
TEL 075-593-7979@090-6145-6379
 Activity Area Kojinyama Flight Area
 Type Hang Glider, Paraglider
 Membership Rules No
 Last updated 2022/3/14
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 Site Name Ibukiyama Flight Area
 Description On a free-standing Ibukiyama (Mt.Ibuki), having nice view of Lake Biwa-ko.
 Location Ueno, Maibara-shi, Shiga Prefecture
By Car 30 minutes from Maibara IC and 20 minutes from Sekigahara IC.
By Train 15 minutes to the foot of Ibukiyama by bus from Ohmi-nagaoka Station of JR
 Flying Season April thru December
 School Yes
 Name of School Ibukiyama Paraglider School
 Bilingual Staff No
Name Ibukiyama Blue Sky
Address 488-2 Ueno, Maibara-shi, Shiga Prefecture, Japan 521-0312
TEL 0749-58-1382
FAX 049-58-1450
Email bluesky3@za.ztv.ne.jp
URL http://www.za.ztv.ne.jp/dwi4w4zc/index.html
Check-in desk 09:00∼
 Visitor Rating JHF-P or IPPI ParaPro 4, or greater
 Member's Fee JY10,000/year plus shuttle fare
 Visitor Fee JY2,000/day plus shuttle fare
 Takeoff (TO)
Name Ibukiyama 3rd Stage
Direction NW  W  SW
Terrain 15° slope
Rating 2
Size 30m×30m
TO ASL 730m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment
 Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 30%  Ridge Soarings 20%  Sleddies 50%
Rating 4
Altitude TO∼LD 300m
Distance TO∼LD 1,000m
Site Comment
 Landing (LD)
Size 200m×200m plus
Terrain 20° slope
Rating 4
LD ASL 430m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment 80% of the ski slope has a slant of 20° toward southwest.
 Access LD∼TO
 Cross Country Flight Not allowed
 Place of Interest Roadside refreshment station (Shunsai-no-mori), Joy Ibuki (herb home), Green Park Santo (hot spa and loding).
 Others Please contact the desk of Ibukiyama Paraglider School to get permission for using path through the forest. Get together at 09:30 at gondola station. Low power radio, not subject to license, is used.
 Last updated 2010/3/15
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