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Site Name HG PG MPG
Sarubayama Area  
Kotohiradake Area    
  • In the Ratings of Takeoff, Condition of Flight and Landing, 5 means exremely demanding and 1 means the easiest in comparison.
  • PG=paraglider  HG=hang glider  MPG=motor paraglider  JR=Japan Railway

 Site Name Sarubayama Area
 Description Looking Mr.Unzen-dake behind, your would have wonderful ocean view by flying toward Tachibana bay. Landing is located on the beach which is listed on the 100 most beuttiful scenic areas of white sands and green pines.
 Location Sarubayama Natural Park, Chijiwa-cho, Minami-takagi-gun, Nagasaki Prefecture
By Car Approx.15km to Chijiwa-cho heading for Unzen via R57 from Isahaya IC of Nagasaki Expressway.
By Train Get off at Isahaya Station of JR Nagasaki main line. Take bus bound for Unzen-Obama and get off at Tachibana Shrine. 5 minutes' walk to LD from the bus stop.
 Flying Season Year round
 School Yes
 Name of School Omura Paraglider School
 Bilingual Staff Japanese/English
Name Nagasaki Hang/Paragliding Federation
Address Katsuyoshi Ogawa, 52 Noda-machi, Omura-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan 856-0019
TEL 0957-55-0654
090-3883-3187iOgawaj  080-1779-1687iOkamotoj
FAX 095-878-1687
Check-in desk 09:00∼21:00
 Visitor Rating JHF-B or IPPI ParaPro 2 accompanied by instructor, and JHF-NP or IPPI ParaPro 3 accompanied by JHF-P or IPPI ParaPro 4, or greater
 Member's Fee JY1,000/year
 Visitor Fee Nil
 Takeoff (TO)
Name Chijiwa-cho Sarubayama Natural Park
Direction Southwest face: SW  Northeast face: NE
Terrain Approx. 30° slope
Rating 2
Size 50m×50m (covered with grass)
TO ASL 350m
GPS Coordinates N32°46′03″  E130°12′02″
Site Comment According to Unzen city regulations, registration of date, name, address in advance is required. For details, visit
You can take off from SW face while it is heated even if northerly is forecasted.
 Condition of Flight
Coaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 40%  Ridge Soarings 30%  Sleddies 30%
Rating 2
Altitude TO∼LD 349m
Distance TO∼LD 2.5km
Site Comment Life buoy (lending) is a must when flying on course crossing the sea.
 Landing (LD)
Size 150m×30m
Terrain Slope of 5° approx.
Rating 2
GPS Coordinates N32°46′54″  E130°11′37″
Site Comment Long stretched sand beach makes you feel safe for landing. But, pay attention to swimmers during summer time.
 Access LD∼TO 10 minutes by car and 5 minutes' walk, total 15 minutes.
 Cross Country Flight Permitted subject to application submitted in advance and confirmation of support such as retrieval.
 Place of Interest Obama Unzen, Tachibana Shrine, Tashirobaru Kogen, Observation platform at Kamabutajo Castle, Chijiwa Tourist Center, Tokubei Chaya tea shop, Obama Onsen hot spring, Unzen hot spring resort.
 Others Chijiwa Paraglider Festa in summer season
 Last updated 2010/2/23
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 Site Name Kotohiradake Flight Area
 Description Being located in 7.5km radius of Nagasaki Airport, it is permitted to fly up to 800m ASL within the Controlled Airspace. Panoramic view of Omura Bay. When wind is westerly with high pressure up in the sky, you would have a good flight.
 Location Kotohira Sky Park, Masuragahara-machi, Omura-shi, Nagasakai Prefecture
By Car 10 minutes from Omura IC
By Train 25 minutes by car from Omura Station
 Flying Season Year round, mainly at weekend
 School Yes
 Name of School Omura Paraglider School FW Flappers
 Binlingual Staff No
Name Katsuyoshi Ogawa, Omura-shi Paraglider Association
Address 52 Noda-machi, Omura-shi, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan 856-0019
TEL 090-3883-3187
FAX 0957-55-0654
Check-in desk 09:00∼
 Visitor Rating JHF-P or IPPI ParaPro 4, or greater
 Member's Fee JY12,000/year
 Visitor Fee JY500/day
 Takeoff (TO)
Name Kotohira Flight Area
Direction W (SW∼N)
Terrain 20° slope
Rating 3
Size Glider×2
TO ASL 333m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment Right next to parking lot, good access.
 Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 50%  Ridge Soarings 40%  Sleddies 80%
Rating 3
Altitude TO∼LD 250m
Distance TO∼LD 900m
Site Comment Flying must be within the limits designated by air space control of Nagasaki Airport.
 Landing (LD)
Size 30m×100m, fallow field
Terrain Flat
Rating 3
LD ASL 50m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment
 Access LD∼TO 5 minutes by car
 Cross Country Flight Prohibited
 Place of Interested 30 minutes' ride to downtown of Nagasaki, one hour ride to HUIS TEN BOSCH, Salty hot spa SUN SPA OHMURA in front of airport.
 Last updated 2010/3/04
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