FAI Categry2
2009 Pre-Asian Paragliding Championships Nishiawa
2009 Paragliding Japan Championships
Date: From May 2 2009 to May 6 2009. May 1 is Training Day. (not compulsory)
Competition Sites:

Mima city,Miyoshi city,Tsurugi town,Higashimiyoshi Town(Nishiawa),Tokushima Prefecture

Organized by:

Japan Hang and Paragliding Federation
Managed by: 2nd FAI Asian Paragliding Championships in Nishiawa Executive Committee
Support by: Tokushima Prefecture Mima city,Miyoshi city,Tsurugi town,Higashimiyoshi Town
Administrated by: Tokushima Hanggliding & Paragliding Federation TKagawa Hanggliding & Paragliding Federation Ehime Hanggliding & Paragliding Federation Kouchi Hanggliding & Paragliding Federation
Authorized by:Japan Aeronautic Association This competition is sanctioned as Category 2 event by FAI(Federation Aeronautique Internationale)
Chairman: Arai Takeo
Executive Committee: Seiji Mukumoto
Competition Director: Nishigaya Kazushi
Event Contents: Speed run/ Race to goal.
Participant Qualifications:Valid FAI Sporting Licence. IPPI ParaPro 4 or higher. Third party insurance that is valid in Japan (\100,000,000 or higher). Organizers can provide the third party insurance on-site for \3,500.
Entry Fee: \35,000
Number of participants: 120 pilots. Overseas pilots quota:25% of the total participants. If more than 25 overseas pilots apply for the competition, candidates will be selected as follows: For the participants who are ranked above 1000th on the newest WPRS on the Entry-deadline date, the higher ranked pilots will have the priority. For participants who are below the 1001st on the WPRS, the pilot who send the application form earlier will have the priority. This will happen in the case that the number of above-1000th participants are fewer than 25.
Entry Deadline for overseas participants: April 18 2009, 0:00 Japan Standard Time.
Application:Online entry only. Please fill the entry form in our website.
Entry secretariat:Japan Hang & Paragliding Federation Tohto Bldg. 2nd fl., 3-39-4 Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan 170-0002 Bureau Business hours: 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. (Mon. - Fri.) Tel : +81(0)3-5961-1388 Fax : +81(0)3-5961-1389 E-mail:comp@asia.hangpara.jp
Equipment: A helmet is compulsory. Pilots must carry a recently repacked rescue parachute. Wireless radios are lent by the organization. It is done free of charge. The pilot must prepare the battery(LR6/1.5V 5/set 3set) .3DGPS
Competing Gliders:Pilots who fly a prototype paraglider should submit a prototype certification based on the FAI S7B Par. 12.1 or the PWC Rule Par 2.7. See Annex A and B.
Pilots who fly a serial paraglider should submit the CERTIFIED GLIDER AFFIDAVIT. See Annex C.
May 1 (Friday) Official training day
  09:00-17:00 Official training day and glider inspection. Registration at the HQ.
May 2 (Saturday)
  06:30 Registration at HQ.
  09:30 Opening Ceremony
  10:00 Pilots Briefing at Takeoff.
  17:00 Task end.
  18:00Welcome Party
May 3 (Sunday)
  08:00 Registration at B&G Parking.
  10:00 Pilots Briefing at Takeoff.
  17:00 Task end.
May 4 (Monday)
  08:00 Registration at B&G Parking.
  10:00 Pilots Briefing at Takeoff.
  17:00 Task end.
May 5 (Tuesday)
  08:00 Registration at B&G Parking.
  10:00 Pilots Briefing at Takeoff.
  17:00 Task end.
May 4 (Wednesday)
  07:00 Registration at B&G Parking.
 10:00Pilots Briefing at Takeoff.
  15:00 Task end.
 19:00Closing Ceremony and Prize

*Time changes and it exists. Please confirm it on the homepage when the rally date approaches.

HQ Shikoku saburou no Sato
Mima City Tokushima Japan Tel:+81(0)883-55-2002 Fax:**+81(0)883-63-2727 Mobile:**+81(0)80-3732-5684
Access Please come to Kansai Airport or Okayama Airport or Okayama Airport Please contact by an email. We tell you about the most suitable transportation for you.