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4th Paragliding Accuracy Japan Championship
Date: 16th-17th Oct.,2010
Competition Sites: Izumigatake Skyland , Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture, JAPAN
Sanbongi Flight Area, Osaki City MIyagi Prefecture, JAPAN (Towing Site)
Organized by: Paragliding Accuracy Japan Championship executive committee
Supported by: Miyagi Hang&Paragliding Federation
Sanctioned by: Japan Aeronautic Association
Japan Hang/Paragliding Federation(Accuarcy League)
Federation Aeronautique International(Category 2)
Competition Director: Yasuhiro KONDO
Discipline: Accuracy (Max12Round)
Entry Requirement: Must have rating higher than Para Pro 4
Must have a valid FAI Sporting License
Must have 3rd Party Liability Insurance more than 100 million yen Japanese
Competing Glider:
Must have either Proto Type certificate according to either FAI Section 7B or PWC or
Certified Glider Afidavit
Obligatory Equipment: Protective Helmet, Effective Back Protection, Serviceable Rescue Parachute.
Entry Fee: 12,000 yen Japanese
Entry Fee covers: Transportation hotel-flight area, and between Landing and Take off during competition period.
Welcome Party(Best Western Hotel Sendai)
Accommodation: Official Hotel 6.500 yen Jpanese(1 night & Breakfast)
Best Western Hotel Sendai(+81-22-719-8711)
Maximum Entry: 80 pilots
Entry Method: Through web site
Entry Closing Date: 8th Oct 2010 (24:00 Local Time)

16th Oct.
6:30 Registration
7:30 Opening Ceremony & Briefing
8:30 17:00 Competition
18:30 Party
17th Oct.
7:00 Registration
8:30 16:00 Competition
16:30 Closing Ceremony

*Time changes and it exists.
Please confirm it on the homepage
when the rally date approaches.

Contact Address: 3-5-6 Yamanotera Izumi-ku Sendai-City Miyagi, Japan 981-3103
Paragliding Accuracy Japan Championship in Miyagi Executive Committee
  Phone&Fax +81-22-371-1240
  E-mail : or