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 FAI Catgory2 event
Paragliding Accuracy Japan Championships in Shishiku
Date: July 26th - July 29th , 2014

Ishikawa Prefecture , Hakusan city

Organized by:

Japan Hang and Paragliding Federation
Managed by: Paragliding Accuracy Japan Championships in Shishiku
Executive Committee
Authorized by: Japan Aeronautic Association This competition is sanctioned as Category 2 event by FAI(Federation Aeronautique Internationale)
Chairman: Takafumi Yamaguchi
Director: Hideaki Monji
Tasks: Accuracy
Participant Qualifications: Valid FAI Sporting Licence.
Third party insurance that is valid in Japan (100,000,000yen or higher). Organizers can provide the third party insurance on-site for 5,000yen.
Entry Fee: 13,000yen
Number of participants: 50 pilots.

Overseas pilots quota:25% of the total participants.

If more than 25% overseas pilots apply for the competition, candidates will be selected as follows: For the participants who are ranked above 1000th on the newest WPRS on the Entry-deadline date, the higher ranked pilots will have the priority.
For participants who are below the 1001st on the WPRS, the pilot who send the application form earlier will have the priority. This will happen in the case that the number of above-1000th participants are fewer than 25%.

Entry Deadline for overseas participants: July 7th 2013 , 0:00 Japan local time.
Application: E-mail entry only.
Please contact
Equipment: A helmet is compulsory. All pilots must equip a recently repacked rescue parachute.
Competing Gliders: Restrictions to the serial model.
Pilots who fly a serial paraglider should submit the CERTIFIED GLIDER AFFIDAVIT.


Registration at HQ
  08:00-08:30 Opening Ceremony
  08:30-17:00 Competition
  18:00-20:00 Reception


Registration at HQ
  08:30-15:00 Competition
  17:00 Closing Ceremony and Prize
*Time changes and it exists. Please confirm it on the homepage when the rally date approaches.

Japan Hang and Paragliding Federation Paragliding Committee


Please come to KOMATSU Airport
We will meet and transfer to the competition area from the station.