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 Sky Ranger Kansai      
 Sky Love Aoyamabito      
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Paraglider PG
 School Name  Sky Ranger Kansai
 Type  Paraglider
 Contact  1-27-9 Kizugawadai, Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture
 TEL 0774-72-6102
 Email info@src-para.net
 Training Season  Saturday and Sunday (Weekday when reserved)
 Closed on  Weekday
 Access  [Car] 15 minutes via Sanroku road heading south from Katsuragi of Minami Hanna Expressway, go straight crossing Route 309, take left turn at the first crossing after the bus stop of community bus
 [Train] Gosho Station of Kintetsu or JR`Mashi of Goso City Community Bus
 English?  Yes
 Manager  Haruo Takemura
 Registered Nbr  210
 Updated  2019/5/31
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Paraglider PG
 School Name  Sky Love Aoyamabito
 Type  Paraglider
 Contact  620-10 Shinmachi, Yamatokoriyama City, Nara Prefecture
 TEL 0743-53-4161
 Email maru.62010@msn.com
 Training Season  Once a month
 Closed on  
 Access  [Car] 
 English?  No
 Manager  Masanori Marutani
 Registered Nbr  212
 Updated  2019/5/31
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