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Site Name HG PG MPG
Yatake Kogen Area@(2010)  
Kagamiyama (Kitakawa-cho) Flight Area@(2003) @
  • In the Ratings of Takeoff, Condition of Flight and Landing, 5 means exremely demanding and 1 means the easiest in comparison.
  • PG=paraglider  HG=hang glider  MPG=motor paraglider  JR=Japan Railway

 Site Name Yatake Kogen Area
 Description Mountain range of Kirishima is right in front of takeoff. Yatake Kogen, which is located on the Miyazaki-Kagoshima border, is said to be one of the three best views in Japan.
 Location Nishikawakita, Masaki-cho, Ebino-shi, Miyazaki Prefecture
By Car 30 minutes heading for Yatake Kogen from Ebino ramp of Kyushu Expressway
By Train 30 minutes by car from Kyomachi Station of Kitto Line and JR Hisatsu Line
 Flying Season Year round
 School Yes
 Name of School S.E.T. Wind Love Yoshimatsu Paraglider School
 Bilingual Staff Japanese/English
Name S.E.T. Wind Love Yoshimatsu Paraglider School
Address 418-1 Nakatsugawa, Yusui-cho, Aira-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan 899-6102
TEL 0995-75-2755
FAX 0995-75-2757
Email windlove@plum.ocn.jp
URL http://windlove001.wixsite.com/windlove
Check-in desk 08:30∼09:00
 Visitor Rating JHF-NP or JPA-PP or IPPI ParaPro 3, or greater (JHF-B subject to instructor accampanied)
 Member's Fee Annual payment
 Visitor Fee JY1,000
 Takeoff (TO)
Name Yatake Kogen
Direction ESE∼SW
Terrain Flat and then 20° slope
Rating 2∼3
Size 20m×20m
TO ASL 720m
GPS Coordinates N32°05′02.01″  E130°46′15.48″
Site Comment Be cautious when SW wind gets strong.
 Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 60%  Ridge Soarings 30%  Sleddies 10%
Rating 2
Altitude TO∼LD 420m
Distance TO∼LD 1,750m
Site Comment Try to keep staying in the lift band of the ridge, and you'd get rewarded with rising thermals.
 Landing (LD)
Size 1,000m²
Terrain Flat
Rating 2∼3
LD ASL 300m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment Losing altitude above paddy field is strictly prohibited.
 Access LD∼TO By car at JY200
 Cross Country flight Dry riverbed of Sendai-river
 Place of Interest Belton Auto Capmpground (phone 0984-35-1111) at Yatake Kogen (plateau) near the takeoff, Kyomachi-onsen hot spring, etc.
 Others Landing field is surrounded by farms. JY1,000 penalty for landing outside and JY5,000 for tree landing. If any damage is caused to the crops, the pilot should make an apology to the owner.
 Last updated 2010/3/26
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 Site Name Kagamiyama (Kitakawa-cho) Flight Area
 Description Steady sea breeze would make you enjoy both thermal and ridge soaring.
 Location Kagamiyama, Kitakawa-cho, Miyazaki Prefecture
By Car About 30 minutes to the top of Mt.Kagamiyama from Nobeoka City and about 1 hour ride from Oita City.
By Train Take taxi after getting off at Tana Station of JR Nippo Line.
 Flying Season Year round
 School Yes
 Name of School Miyazaki Sky Sports School
 Bilingual Staff
Name Miyazaki Sky Sports School
Address 165-3 Kawarazaki-cho, Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan 882-0033
TEL 0982-21-5570
FAX 0982-21-5570
Email info@skysports.com
Check-in desk
 Visitor Rating JHF-NP or IPPI ParaPro/SafePro 3 accompanied by JHF-P or IPPI ParaPro/SafePro 4, or greater
 Member's Fee Nil
 Visitor Fee Free
 Takeoff (TO)
Direction SE S
Terrain Slope
Rating 1
Size 30m×50m
TO ASL 600m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment Lawn is laid on entire takeoff.
 Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 40%  Ridge Soarings 40%  Sleddies 20%
Rating 1
Altitude TO∼LD 600m
Distance TO∼LD 3.5km
Site Comment
 Landing (LD)
Size 80m×800m
Terrain Flat
Rating 1
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment Extensive beach for swimming.
 Access LD∼TO 3 minutes' walk plus 20 minutes by car, total 23 minutes
 Cross Country flight Allowed
 Place of Interest There is "Family Trip Village Sumie" on the seashore a bit before the landing field, where you would enjoy tennis, "super slider", monorail, and swimming. At the roadside refreshment station "Kitaura" a bit beyond the landing field, there are restaurant, swimming pool with water kept flowing, and surfing.
 Others You would enjoy surfing on the seashore.
 Last updated 6/24/2003
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