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Site Name HG PG MPG
Kabutoiwa Flight Area@(2010)    
asoby "Asobi Yagoyama Club" Flight Area (2003)   @
  • In the Ratings of Takeoff, Condition of Flight and Landing, 5 means exremely demanding and 1 means the easiest in comparison.
  • PG=paraglider  HG=hang glider  MPG=motor paraglider  JR=Japan Railway

 Site Name Kabutoiwa Flight Area
 Description Having a nice view of five peaks of Aso, you'd have a relaxing flight.
 Location Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture
By Car Kumamoto ramp∼R57∼R212 (approx. 60 minutes)
By Train Get off at Aso Station of JR Hobi Line, then approx. 10 minutes by taxi.
 flying Season Year round
 School Yes
 Name of School Aso Nature Land
 Bilingual Staff Japanese/English
Name Aso Nature Land
Address 1092-1 Uchinomaki, Aso City, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2301
TEL 0967-32-4196
FAX 0967-32-0727
Email natureland@aso.ne.jp
URL http://www.aso.ne.jp/natureland/
Check-in desk 09:00∼17:00
 Visitor Rating JHF-B or IPPI ParaPro 2 accompanied by instructor, JHF-NP or IPPI ParaPro 3 accompanied by JHF-P or IPPI ParaPro 4, or greater)
 Member's Fee JY12,600/year
 Visitor Fee JY1,050/day
 Takeoff (TO)
Name Kabutoiwa Takeoff
Direction E SE S SW
Terrain Flat
Rating 1
Size 40m×60m
TO ASL 960m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment
Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 60  Ridge Soarings 30  Sleddies 10
Rating 1
Altitude TO∼LD 460m
Distance TO∼LD 1,200m
Site Comment
 Landing (LD)
Size 60m×100m
Terrain Flat
Rating P
LD ASL 500m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment When east wind is strong, be careful about rotors behind the hill on the east.
 Access LD∼TO 15 minutes by car
 Cross Country Flight Not allowed
 Place of Interest Being located in Uchinomaki-onsen hot spring resort, there are many inns and hot springs. 40 minutes by car to Kurokawa-onsen hot spring. Charbroiled meat (Korean barbecue) at Kojirobuchi, famous Dago (dumpling) soup and Takana-meshi (steamed rice mixed with leaf mustard) at Sanzoku Tabiji.
 Last updated 2010/2/12
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 Site Name asoby "Asobi Yagoyama Club" Flight Area
 Description The site is maintained voluntarily by fellow members of the club who aim at paragliding with a principle of "free and bold, with safety and excitement!!".
 Location Maki, Ozu-cho, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
By Car 20 minutes from Kumamoto Airport
By Train 10 minutes by car from Higo-ozu Station of JR line.
 flying Season Year round
 School No
 Name of School
 Bilingual Staff
Check-in desk  
 Visitor Rating JHF-NP or IPPI ParaPro 3 accompanied by JHF-P or ParaPro 4 or greater
 Member's Fee JY10,000/year
 Visitor Fee JY1,000/day
 Takeoff (TO)
Name Sakurayama Takeoff  Higakureyama Takeoff  Kodake Takeoff
Direction S SW W NW
Terrain Slope
Rating 2
Size 50m×30m
TO ASL 640m 570m 480m
GPS Coordinates N32°55′14″@E130°56′30″
Site Comment Frequent generation of thermal (every 10 minutes) and many small thermals also exist.
Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 40  Ridge Soarings 40  Sleddies 20
Rating 2
Altitude TO∼LD 200m
Distance TO∼LD 1,000m
Site Comment Big and safety landing field.
 Landing (LD)
Size 500m×30m
Terrain Flat
Rating P
LD ASL 430m
GPS Coordinates N32°54′56″@E130°55′59″
Site Comment No particular restriction on LD.
 Access LD∼TO 10 minutes by car
 Cross Country Flight Allowed
 Place of Interest Hinohara Camp ground of Ozu-cho Town is in the neighborhood (1km). http://www.town.ozu.kumamoto.jp/
 Last updated 8/12/2003
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