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Site Name HG PG MPG
Myogi Sky Park@(2014)    
BÔO RIVRE Onoko@(2010)   @
Igano Paraglider Area@(2009)
  • In the Ratings of Takeoff, Condition of Flight and Landing, 5 means exremely demanding and 1 means the easiest in comparison.
  • PG=paraglider  HG=hang glider  MPG=powered paraglider  JR=Japan Railway

 Site Name Myogi Sky Park
 Description Beginner and expert pilots can enjoy flight.
 Location 514-152 Myogimachi Oush, Tomooka-shi, Gunma Prefecture 379-0202
By Car 4km from Myogi roadside station located toward left of Matsuida Myogi ramp
By Train JR Matsuida station
 Flying Season Year round
 School Yes
 Name of School Myogi Sky Park
 Bilingual Staff
Name Myogi Sky Park
Address 514-152 Myogimachi Oush, Tomooka-shi, Gunma Prefecture 379-0202
TEL 090-3112-2203
FAX 0274-73-0272
Email k09031122203t@docomo.ne.jp
URL http://www.miyogi.jp/
Check-in desk 08:00∼21:00 (by phone)
 Visitor Rating JHF-NP or IPPI ParaPro 3 or greater
 Member's Fee JY20,000/year (JY30,000 for a couple)
 Visitor Fee JY3,000
 Takeoff (TO)
Name Myogi Sky Park
Direction N NE E SE
Terrain 5°∼40°
Size 3 gliders
TO ASL 500m
GPS Coordinates N36°16′46″  E138°45′37″
Site Comment Take the first thermal lift.
 Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 30%  Ridge Soarings 35%  Sleddies 35%
Rating 4
Altitude TO∼LD 152m
Distance TO∼LD 700m
Site Comment Watch out not to land in high trees.
 Landing (LD)
Size 300m×300m
Terrain Flat
Rating 1
LD ASL 348m
GPS Coordinates >N36°16′50″  E138°45′56″
Site Comment
 Access LD∼TO 9 minutes by car
 Cross Country Flight Pilots having JHF-XC rating.
 Place of Interest Spa Momiji-no-yu, Tomioka Silk Mill (World Heritage cultural site)
 Others Guest house loding at JY500, barbecue place
 Last updated 2014/10/21
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 Site Name BÔO RIVRE Onoko
 Description Club area providing homey atomosphere
 Location Onoko, Shibukawa-shi,Gunma Prefecture
By Car 20 minutes heading for Kusatsu from Shibukawa Station
By Train 15 minutes' walk from Ubashima Station of JR Agatsuma Line
 Flying Season Year round
 School No
 Name of School
 Bilingual Staff No
Name Iwasaki Hideo, Chairman of Onoko Club
Address 210-2 Kitashimo, Yoshioka-machi, Kitagunma-gun, Gunma Prefecture, Japan 370-3605
TEL 0279-54-4196@080-5422-4196
Email iwasaki.hideo@brown.plala.or.jp
URL http://www3.kannet.ne.jp/~kusatsupgc/
Check-in desk 09:00∼
 Visitor Rating JHF-B or IPPI ParaPro 2 or greater
 Member's Fee Annual Pass JY12,000 as of 2010
 Visitor Fee JY2,000
 Takeoff (TO)
Name 300 Takeoff  320 Takeoff
Direction SE SW and E∼SE
Terrain Two slopes of 35° and 10° (launch platform)
Rating 3 and 4 (launch platform)
Size 1 glider at each
TO ASL 380m and 400m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment Leased field with no obstacle.
 Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 35%  Ridge Soarings 35%  Sleddies 30%
Rating 3
Altitude TO∼LD 230m
Distance TO∼LD 500m
Site Comment Distance from TO to LD is comparatively short.
 Landing (LD)
Size 5,000u
Terrain Flat
Rating 3
LD ASL 150m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment Leased field with no obstacle.
 Access LD∼TO
 Cross Country Flight Maintain contact via radio during flight up until landing.
 Place of Interest 10 minutes to Onogami-onsen hot spring, Kikyo Inn at Azuma-onsen hot spring, Negoyajo Hot Spring Center, 5 minutes to Kanashima-onsen hot spring, 20 minutes to Kenko Land of Ikaho-onsen hot spring.
 Last updated 2010/2/10

 Site Name Igano Paraglider Area
 Description Beginners as well as expert pilots can enjoy confortable flight.
 Location Haba, Minakamimachi, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture
By Car 5 minutes from Tsukiyono ramp of Kan'etsu Expressway
By Train 10 minutes by car from Jyomo Kogen Station of JR Joetsu Shinkansen, 10 minutes by car from Gokan Station of JR Joetsu Line
 Flying Season Aprril thru December
 School Yes
 Name of School Ecoh Wind Valley Paraglider School and MAC Paraglider School
 Bilingual Staff
Name Igano Paraglider Club
Address Haba, Minakamimachi, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture, Japan 379-1412
TEL 027-352-6084 Takai Kozo
URL http://sky.geocities.jp/new_igano/
Check-in desk 08:00∼16:00 Sat, Sun, Holiday (weekdays upon confirmation)
 Visitor Rating JHF-B or IPPI ParaPro 2, or greater
 Member's Fee
 Visitor Fee JY2,500/day, JY25,000 for a book of 11 coupons, JY20,000 for season pass, JY500/shuttle
 Takeoff (TO)
Direction SE
Terrain 5∼25degree
Rating 1
Size 2 gliders side by side
TO ASL 772m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment
 Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings %  Ridge Soarings %  Sleddies %
Rating 1
Altitude TO∼LD 320m approx
Distance TO∼LD 1,000m approx
Site Comment LD can been seen from TO and there is no obstacles in flying area. Evening thermals on flyable days.
 Landing (LD)
Terrain Almost flat
Rating 1
LD ASL 450m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment Wide open with no pressure.
 Access LD∼TO 15 minutes by car
 Cross Country Flight Allowed
 Place of Interest Many sightseeing spots such as Takumi-no-sato and Sarugakyo.
 Last updated 2009/5/26
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