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Site Name HG PG MPG
Iwakisan (Tsugaru-iwaki Skyline) Area@(2011) @
  • In the Ratings of Takeoff, Condition of Flight and Landing, 5 means exremely demanding and 1 means the easiest in comparison.
  • PG=paraglider  HG=hang glider  MPG=motor paraglider  JR=Japan Railway

 Site Name Iwakisan (Tsugaru-iwaki Skyline) Area
 Description Taking off from 1,200 ASL having 800m altitude, you would enjoy panoramic view of the Sea of Japan and the Shirakami Mountains, one of the World Heritage.
 Location 18 Aza Kuromori, Tokiwano, Iwakimachi, Naka-Trsuruga-gun, Aomori Prefecture
By Car 45 minutes via Apple Road from Owani/Hirosaki ramp of Tohoku Expressway
By Train About 1 hour by bus from Hirosaki station of JR Ou Main Line. Highway Express Bus is available from Shinagawa/Hamamatsucho, Tokyo to Hirosaki.
 Flying Season April∼October
 School No
 Name of School
 Bilingual Staff
Name Yukihiro Akita (Area manager)
Address Yama-no-ie (hut) BUNAKO, 18 Aza Kuromori, Tokiwano, Iwakimachi, Naka-Tsuruga-gun, Aomori Prefecture, Japan 036-1345
TEL 0172-83-2428 (BUNAKO)  017-729-3318 (Danburi Club)
Email yama3@dmail.plala.or.jp
URL http://iwakisan-danburi.jimdo.com/
Check-in Desk Please let us know in advance
 Visitor Rating JHF-P or IPPI SafePro 4 or greater
 Member's Fee HG/PG JY15,000/year  MPG JY8,000/year
 Visitor Fee HG/PG Free  MPG JY300
 Takeoff (TO)
Name Iwakisan (Station 8) Skyline Parking Lot
Direction E SE S SW W
Terrain Takeoff mound
Rating 4
Size 10m×10m
TO ASL 1,300m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment Winds tends to be strong and there will be better chance for paragliders to take off in the morning.
 Condition of Flight
Soaring Ratio Thermal Soarings 70%  Ridge Soarings 20%  Sleddies 10%
Rating 4
Altitude TO∼LD 800m
Distance TO∼LD 4,000m
Site Comment Mountain ridge extends for 3km and emergency landing on the ridge is not allowed because retrieval of pilot would not finish in one day.
 Landing (LD)
Size 150m×150m
Terrain Moderate slope facing south
Rating 2
LD ASL 400m
GPS Coordinates
Site Comment LD for hang glider has slope and a bit difficult to make landing and therefore you would need to check it out by yourself before flight. There is no particular obstacle around LD.
 Access LD∼TO 30 minutes by car
 Cross Country Flight Allowed
 Place of Interest Cherry Blossoms Festival at Hirosaki Castle during the Golden Week (from Apr 29 thru May 5) in spring, camping along the Sea of Japan in summer, and there are hot springs in countless numbers scattering. Izakayas (Japanese-style bars) at night where you would enjoy listening local Tsugaru Shamisen (traditional three strings instrument).
 Others Coupon ticket is required to go to TO from LD passing thru toll road. Contact area office for details.
 Last updated 2011/5/8
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